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Polyphosphazene drug delivery systems - Goedemoed

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... University, Hangzhou 310027, China. 3. Drug delivery applications of biodegradable polyphosphazenes ... Polyphosphazene-Based Drug Self-Framed Delivery System as ... ... . Polymeric controlled drug delivery systems have significantly increased the therapeutic performance of several drugs. Biodegradable polymers are highly preferred for these applications as they can circumvent the long-term biocompatibility problems of many of the nondegradable ... For clinical applications, simplicity, high efficiency, and low toxicity are key issues in the design of anti-tumor drugs. In this work, a novel dual-responsive drug self-framed delivery system (DSFDS) with high drug deli ... PDF Polyphosphazene-Based Drug Self-Framed Delivery System as ... ... . In this work, a novel dual-responsive drug self-framed delivery system (DSFDS) with high drug delivery efficiency is proposed based on self-framing of an anticancer drug and a tumor-resp 1. Polymeric Carriers for Drug Delivery. In recent years, the use of polymers for nanomedicine has gained much attention in medicine and biology (reviewed in []).A vast array of materials have been designed, prepared and tested, ranging from conventional drug-delivery formulations that entrap and/or solubilize drugs and matrices for controlled drug release, through to supramolecular systems ... Drug combination therapy is an emerging technology to treat the diseases which are still annoyance to human being. Combination of two or more drugs can deal with diseases in a better way. Various different techniques have been introduced which can deliver combination of drugs in a safe and more controlled manner. In our research, we prepared polyphosphazene-based blend microspheres which can ... Polyphosphazene-Based Drug Self-Framed Delivery System as a Universal Intelligent Platform for Combination Therapy against Multidrug-Resistant Tumors Acid-Responsive and Biologically Degradable Polyphosphazene Nanodrugs for Efficient Drug Delivery Biodegradable Polyphosphazene Based Peptide-Polymer Hybrids Anne Linhardt 1, Michael König 1, Wolfgang Schöfberger 2, ... Thus, the development of fully biodegradable polymeric drug delivery systems with molecular weights above the renal clearance limit but with non-toxic degradation products with This study shows strong support of pH responsive and water-soluble polyphosphazene-based materials for their use in drug delivery applications. Thermoresponsive degradable polyphosphazenes containing lactic acid ester and methoxyethoxy ethoxy side chains for use in biomedical applications were investigated by Bi and coworkers [ 55 ]. Het boek Polyphosphazene Drug Delivery Systems For Antitumor Treatment. van de auteur Goedemoed,jaap is 1 maal gevonden, 0 maal nieuw en 1 maal tweedehands. "Polyphosphazene Drug Delivery Systems For Antitumor Treatment." is tweedehands te koop vanaf € 17,50 bij Tweedehands (1 ... Laurencin et al. investigated the feasibility of imidazole-cosubstituted polyphosphazenes as a monolithic controlled drug delivery system . Imidazole- and methylphenoxy-cosubstituted polyphosphazene matrices, polymer with 20%, 45%, and 80% imidazole content, were used for the in vitro release of small molecules such as progesterone, p -nitroaniline, and macromolecule such as 14 C-labeled ... Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Polyphosphazenes Hence, polyphosphazene represents the next generation of biomaterials. In this review, the authors systematically discuss the synthetic design, structure-property relationships, and the promising potentials of polyphosphazenes in regenerative engineering and drug delivery. Many of synthesized polyphosphazene drug delivery systems exhibited slow and stedy drug release up to more than 25 days . Although these materials have shown promise as controlled release system, the need for non-toxic side chains or monomers limited their applications in pharmaceutical and biomedicine. Drug delivery systems utilize polyphosphazene's ability to accept grafts of active components to create a 'carrier-molecule' for the pharmaceutical. In addition, a substituent capable o...