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Enhancing X-ray baggage inspection by interactive viewpoint selection - W. Pasman

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...ifficult to recognize using only one viewpoint ... X-RAY BAGGAGE INSPECTION SYSTEM - LinkedIn SlideShare ... . As reported in a study that measures the human performance in baggage screening(24), (human) multiple view X-ray inspection leads to a higher detection INTRODUCTION X-ray baggage inspection system is the highly sophisticated security system. Designed to analyse components within the baggage effectively and efficiently by using x radiations. It uses scanning principle to indicate baggage components using different colours based on their atomic numbers. 4. This selection procedure included making ... Publications reports documents and presentations of Wouter ... ... . 4. This selection procedure included making sure that no prohibited items were contained in the X-ray images. Target-present images were created by the screening experts using previously recorded prohibited items that were placed into 80 of the 640 X-ray images using a software- and image-merging algorithm that had been validated in previous studies ( von Bastian et al., 2009 ; Mendes et al., 2011 ). Baggage inspection using X-ray screening is a priority task that reduces the risk of crime, terrorist attacks and propagation of pests and diseases [29]. Security and safety screening with X-ray scanners has become an important process in public spaces and at border checkpoints [18]. However, as shown in Fig. 1, inspection is a complex task Baggage scanners are commonplace in many public buildings and more so areas with high security details and concerns. These baggage scanners vary in size, sophistication and ultimately, in their screening capabilities.The Loop Scano 300 is perhaps the epitome of security screening systems. enhancing algorithms, powerful functions and network applications with high reliability, safety and economy. With various tunnel size and portability, the CX mail and carry-on baggage X-ray inspection system can fully meet the requirements at airports, mass transit stations, critical infrastructures, post offices, and big events, etc. Mobile radiology and diagnostics designed to make patient examinations and treatment faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever. Ultra- Tech Security Solutions - Offering X-Ray Baggage Scanner, Luggage Scanner, X Ray Baggage Inspection System, X Ray Luggage Inspection System, X Ray Luggage Scanner, एक्स रे बैगेज स्कैनर, BAGGAGE SCANNER in R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 7220273388 Although it had been around for quite some time, X-ray screening really became firmly established as the standard for passenger cabin baggage inspection in the early 1980s. Operator consoles were relatively simple and there were few image enhancements available; indeed with some early machines which were still around in the early eighties, there were no enhancements at all. Enhanced images for checked and carry-on baggage and cargo screening Glenn Woodella, Zia-ur Rahmanb, Daniel J. Jobsona, Glenn Hinesa aNASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA bCollege of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA ABSTRACT The current X-ray systems used by airport security personnel for the detection of contraband, and objects such as knives X-ray inspection system can detecting and creating an immediate x-ray image for different material, analytics software enables us to identify and diagnose material defects, can be widly used in BGA Void under Joint(with Void Rate Caculation) Checking, IC Chips, LEDs PCB Checking, FPC PCB, Batteries, Connectors & harness products, Die Casting, etc. In visual inspection tasks, such as airport security and medical screening, researchers often use the detection measures d' or A' to analyze detection performance independent of response tendency. However, recent studies that manipulated the frequency of targets (target prevalence) indicate that da with a slope parameter of 0.6 is more valid for such tasks than d' or A'. tricate image. In certain X-ray applications, e.g. baggage inspection, there are usually intricate X-ray images due to overlapping parts inside the test object, where each pixel corresponds to the attenuation of multiple parts [22]. In some cases, active vision can be used in order to ad-equate the viewpoint of the test object to obtain more suit-...