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Stochastic queue location problems - Zhang

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... expected response time to customers. stage stochastic models for the considered problems ... An approximation algorithm for a facility location problem ... ... . Section 3 describes our solution method for the UHL-SIC. Computational results are presented in Section 4, followed by conclusions in Section 5. 2 Stochastic Uncapacitated Hub Location Problems Before presenting the stochastic uncapacitated hub location models under study, we describe The stochastic queue p-median location problem, (1990). The uncapacitated facility location problem, (2003). Universal Facility Location, To su ... Discrete stochastic location models | SpringerLink ... . The uncapacitated facility location problem, (2003). Universal Facility Location, To submit an update or takedown request for this paper, please ... Stochastic programming is an approach for modeling optimization problems that involve uncertainty. Whereas deterministic optimization problems are formulated with known pa-rameters, real world problems almost invariably include parameters which are unknown at the time a decision should be made. When theparametersare uncertain, but assumed to lie The Stochastic Queue Median (SQM) problem is con-cerned with the optimal location of a queueing facility on an undirected network G(N, L) with node set N, I N I = n, and link set L. The objective is to minimize average response time TR(x, X) defined by the server location x on G and the average Poisson arrival rate X of calls for service. T1 - Stochastic dynamic itinerary interception refueling location problem with queue delay for electric taxi charging stations. AU - Jung, Jaeyoung. AU - Chow, Joseph Y.J. AU - Jayakrishnan, R. AU - Park, Ji Young. PY - 2014/3. Y1 - 2014/3 presented for a dynamic facility location problem with stochastic demand and congestion. The problem is setup as a network of spatially distributed queues and formulated as a nonlinear mixed integer program (MINLP). To transform the nonlinear congestion function to a piecewise linear, a linearization method is adapted. This study investigates a classic stochastic location problem in a service system with immobile servers that are represented by M/G/1 queues. It shows that the basic integer nonlinear optimization ... An MMPP is a stochastic arrival process where the instantaneous activity (l) is given by the state of a Markov process, instead of being constant (as would be the case in an ordinary Poisson process). The term Switched Poisson Process (SPP) may be used when the Markov chain has only 2 states, as is the case here. The Stochastic Location-Assignment Problem on a Tree The Stochastic Location-Assignment Problem on a Tree Zeng, Ting; Ward, James 2005-01-01 00:00:00 In the assignment problem units of supply are assigned on a one-to-one basis to units of demand so as to minimize the sum of the cost associated with each supply-to-demand matched pair. . Defined on a network, the supplies and demands are located ... Etymology. Stochastic originally meant "pertaining to conjecture"; from Greek stokhastikos "able to guess, conjecturing": from stokhazesthai "guess"; from stokhos "a guess, aim, target, mark". The sense of "randomly determined" was first recorded in 1934, from German Stochastik. Discrete-event simulation. In order to determine the next event in a stochastic simulation, the rates of all ... The SSLP Test Problems . Contributed by Lewis Ntaimo and Suvrajeet Sen . The test problem suite consists of data and computational results for 12 two-stage stochastic mixed-integer programs arising in stochastic server location problems (SSLPs). The problem formulation and instance generation are described in [1, 2]. We also show how the algorithm can be used as a heuristic to solve minimax-regret versions of the location problems. ∗Corresponding author. 1 Keywords: robust facility location, stochastic p-robustness, variable splitting, multiplechoice knapsack problem Soft Comput DOI 10.1007/s00500-015-1640-6 METHODOLOGIES AND APPLICATION Modeling and solving a capacitated stochastic location-allocation problem using sub-sources In this thesis, we study a multi-periodic facility location problem with stochastic demand to determine the optimal location, capacity selection and demands allocation of facilities within distinct time periods, while, each facility contains a server with a limited capacity. It causes facilities to experience a period of congestion, when not all arriving demands can be served immediately. optimization problems tend to be more di-cult to solve than stochastic optimization problems because of their minimax structure. As a result, research on robust facility location generally falls into one of two categories: optimal (often polynomial-time) al-gorithms for restricted problems like 1-median problems or k-medians on tree networks (1975). On A Stochastic Multi-Facility Location Problem. A I I E Transactions:...